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Helsinki Adventure Team Race

Fun team adventure in groups of 3-6 people around Helsinki

We move around on foot, by metro or tram. Up to groups of over 200 people! All tasks and questions also in English.

The winning team of the Helsinki Adventure Team Race will have a smile on their face!

The Helsinki Adventure Team Race involves teams of 3-6 people walking, riding the metro and trams, finding clues, answering questions and completing tasks on the course.

Team Race structure

Each task is worth between 1 and 6 points and the team itself decides which tasks to complete within the time limit. The team with the most points is the winner. Exceeding the time limit will result in negative points.

The Helsinki Adventure takes approximately 2 hours depending on the route. All tasks and questions are also in English!

Find the tasks and solve the puzzles by following the hints.

The Helsinki Adventure can start for example in front of the Oodi, Narinkkatori, Rautatientori or at your workplace and end at a restaurant/terrace or even at Suomenlinna.

The Helsinki Adventure team race is organised all year round. Travel by foot, metro or tram.

Request a quote here or call 0500 447240 and we will plan your own Helsinki Adventure team race!

Helsinki Urban Navigation

Helsinki Urban Navigation is a fun team competition where you walk in teams of 3 to 6 people and solve tasks on checkpoints, or solve a word made up of the letters on the checkpoints. Urban walking is a safe outdoor exercise.

The start and finish may be at different locations. For example, the start can be at your workplace and the finish at, say, Suomenlinna Castle, or a summer terrace or restaurant.

The duration is approx. 90-120 min depending on the route.
Moving from one task to the next is done by the rogain method, which is familiar from adventure competitions, i.e. each team decides for itself in which order to find the checkpoints.

To request a quote for your own urban navigation, call 0500 447240 or send an email.